On behalf of the Board of Commissioners, welcome to the Neville Township website.

Neville Township is a Township of the first class, and a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Township’s mission is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, property owners, business community and visitors. 

The Township is located on an island in the Ohio River, in close proximity to the City of Pittsburgh.  Our topography is unique for Western Pennsylvania – flat with riverfront access.  The eastern portion of Neville Island is home to heavy industry and a business community that takes advantage of our ideal access to the Ohio River, Interstate 79 and other major road and rail transportation routes. 

The western side of Neville Island is home to a proud residential community with homes overlooking the Ohio River and a small business community.  The Island also hosts Robert Morris University Island Sports Center, Paradise Island Bowling Lanes, Neville Island Roller Skating Rink and three public parks.