Building Permits & Code Enforcement

Neville Township currently contracts with Building Inspection Underwriters of Pennsylvania, Inc. (BIU) for:

  • Building permits (new construction, renovations, demolition, roofing, decks, etc.).
  • Zoning permits (fences, retaining walls, etc.)
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Code and Property Maintenance and Enforcement.
BIU Office: 344 Eicher Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Contact: Ron Mulcahy
Office Phone:  412-766-2565
Fax: 412-766-2711 

Building permit regulations and requirements are based on the International Building Code 2000 & 2006, Neville Township’s Zoning Ordinance and property maintenance code requirements.  Review Building Permit Guidelines: Residential Permit Guidelines

To determine if your project requires a permit, please contact Neville Township at 412-264-1977 or call BUI to discuss your proposed project.

Print a Building Permit Application Here: Neville Township Building Permit Application an Guidelines . Please note that many projects require stamped building plans and/or surveys. Please call ahead to determine the requirements, review time and costs for your project.

Electrical Inspections

Certain projects may require a separate electrical inspection.  Neville Township’s electrical inspector may be reached by calling Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) at 412-766-2565.

Rental Properties

Occupancy Permits & Tenant Registration

Occupancy permits are required each time the owner and/or tenant of a residential or commercial unit changes. Applications and a fee schedule are available at the Township.

Print Occupancy Permit Application here: Neville Township Certificate of Occupancy Application

Property Sales & Refinancing

Prior to completing the sale on any property located in Neville Township owners are required to obtain an Occupancy Inspection and Permit, a Sanitary Sewage Dye Test, Tax Certification and Lien Letters.  All items must be completed prior to the closing date on property sales.

If you are selling your property, please coordinate this process with your real estate agent and closing company.  Contact the Township Office for assistance at 412-264-1977.

Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement

Neville Township contracts with BIU to respond to property maintenance concerns on a complaint basis.  If you have a question or concern about the condition of property located in Neville Township, please call 412-264-1977 or visit the Township to complete a complaint form.