Covid-19 Information & Updates

RENT AND UTILITY RELIEF PROGRAMS:  Beginning March 15, 2021, Allegheny County residents who are renting will be able to apply for rent and utility assistance from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program on at

STAY UP-TO-DATE ON COVID-19 AND VACCINE INFO: The Allegheny County Health Department is the best local source for trustworthy, factual information on the Coronavirus. For information regarding COVID -19, including ongoing updates, visit, or call ACHD at 412-687-2243 to speak to a department representative. You can sign up for text, email or voicemail alerts at AlleghenyCounty.US/Alerts.  FACEBOOK:  AlleghenyCountyHealth.  TWITTER:  HealthAllegheny.  

CORNELL SCHOOL DISTRICT – Free Community Wireless Internet Access:  Cornell School District is pleased to announce the following locations for free community wireless internet access: Cottage Park on Neville Island, Memorial Park on Neville Island, and the Cornell Football Field. Students are also welcome to use Wi-Fi at the picnic tables by the student entrance and pavilion at the school. This was made possible thanks to ITDRC, Pittsburgh MetaMesh, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Township of Neville.  For more information, please contact, Cornell School District, 1099 Maple St. Ext. , Coraopolis, PA 15108, 412-264-5010

“What you can expect and how you can help maintain a safe environment for vulnerable citizens.”

        • As of 8/5/2021, the Neville Township Board of Commissioners requires face masks for all visitors to the Neville Township Municipal Building and masks shall be worn during all public meetings.  This policy shall apply to BOTH vaccinated and unvaccinated person.  Please help us protect our at-risk citizens, including children under 12. 
        • The Township will offer both in-person and by-phone options to participate in public meetings.
        • Unvaccinated and high-risk individuals are encouraged to attend by phone.
        • If you are ill, have been exposed to someone who is ill and/or have any underlying health condition that makes you especially vulnerable, please stay home – we will work hard to accommodate your needs remotely.
        • All persons entering the building are requested to wash or sanitize their hands and again after using the restroom sneezing or coughing. 
        • Handshakes and other physical conduct should be limited.
        •  No food or beverages will be permitted.
        •  Please keep personal items to a minimum and disinfect your phone or other items brought into the building.


NEVILLE TOWNSHIP COVID-19 PREVENTION MEASURES. In order to reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 Virus, protect our vulnerable populations and deliver essential public safety services, Neville Township is implementing the following actions:


  • Utility payments may be placed in the Township Drop Box. The Drop Box is a BLACK MAIL BOX mounted on the front of the Municipal Building at the 5050 Grand Ave. Entrance. The box is secured by a lock and video camera. The box is checked each business day.
  • If paying by cash and requesting a receipt, please indicate this with your payment and a receipt can be mailed. Your cancelled check will serve as receipt of payment.
  • Utility payments can be made on-line. To pay on-line, please have your bill present and note the correct account number format using the example on the website..


  • Until further notice, Public Meetings will be modified to comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulations.  
  • Please check the meeting calendar for information by date to determine if a meeting is to be held remotely or for any change in meeting location.  All changes will also be publicly advertised in accordance with legal requirements.


  • For the status of community events, please check the Township website calendar for cancellations, date changes, modified event procedures updates and other new information.


  • Parks are open; however, families are encouraged to practice COVID-19 safety recommendations and use hand sanitizer when visiting any public place, including our parks.
  • The Township WILL NOT be routinely sanitizing playground equipment and other park surfaces. Residents are encouraged to avoid surfaces and / or to self-clean prior to use.
  • Park rentals are available.