2022 Earth Day Photos – Courtesy of Jim and Vicki Fielder:

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Neville Green and Neville Township are pleased to announce that Earth Day 2022 was a great success.  Over 175 bags of litter were removed from Neville Township!!!

On Friday, April 22, 2022, teams of volunteers from FedEx and Carmeuse removed trash from Neville Road.  On Saturday, April 23, 2022, residents, and friends gathered on a beautiful morning and cleaned Grand Avenue. 

The event was sponsored by Neville Green and Neville Township, and both organizations extend their sincere appreciation to our 2022 Earth Day participants and sponsors.

Special Recognition to:

Sam’s Club / Mt. Nebo Rd Store – Refreshment Donation

Photos:  Jim and Vicki Fiedler

Door Prize Donors:

Dick’s Sporting Goods / Lynn Belloma

Goehring, Rutter & Boehm Law Firm (Township Solicitor)

LSSE Civil Engineers and Surveyors (Township Engineer)

Neville Green

Neville Island Volunteer Fire Department

Neville Township Board of Commissioners

Neville Roller Drome

Paradise Island Bowl

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Suburban Landscaping

Please thank our volunteers who donated their personal time to demonstrate commitment to our community.  Neville Township is now a more positive place to live and work thanks to:

Jared Blinstrus, Cindy Brown, Jim Brown, Russel Brown, Chris Crable, Tyler Faust, Wyatt Fielder, Linda Herbert, Dave, Kerr, John Lewis, Emily Olds, Rick Rutter, Logan Schart, Jillian Tilko, James Tussey, Jensen Wehrli, Wayne Withrow, Harry Youngworth

Also participating on Saturday:  Neville Green Board Members. Dave Kerr, Neville Island Volunteer Fire Department, and Todd Phillips, Neville Township Public Works.





Carmeuse Volunteers:

Craig Addison, Joe Andrie, Fuad Ashwash, Tim Beck, Phil Belcastro, Matthew Benusa, Dana Brooks. Jeff Bussard, Matthew Clark, Dan Crah, Eric Dzuba, Scott Hietsch, Melanie Houghton, Joshua Maurer, Pedro Metz, Francisco Rodriguez, Jason Ruckman, Lorenzo Ruscitto, Eric Schons, Jeff Scott, Vivek Shanghag, Steve Tutokey, Lindsey Williams

FedEx Volunteers:

Derrick Bassano, Nadine Carmichael, Matt DeMatteis, Tom Hampe, Dan Hash, Michelle Hennessey, Omar Jackson, John Lewis, Daniella Longo, Ella Moran, Eve Persia, Roxanne Persia, Luis Polaoco, Lani Robinson, David Sisko, Holly Terry, Jessica Tomosky, Jennifer Young