Update:  As of April 7, 2022, Neville Townshipo is no longer accepting NEW application for the Hometown Heroes Banner Program.  The Township has utilitized all currently approved locations available to install banners.  

Persons who already purchased a banner may still apply for duplicated banners for personal use.  2022 Military Banner Program – Mini Banner Program Announcement


in February 2020, the Neville Township Board of Commissioners authorized the creation of a Hometown Heroes Banner Program to honor Neville Township Veterans.  Banners may be purchased to honor any veteran who is a current or former resident of Neville Island.  Families will need to provide a Military Member DD-214 or other document to verify service and  a good quality military photograph.  Applications are available at the Township and on-line.  Applications can be submitted by mail.  Please call 412-264-1977 for assistance.