Whether you know it or not, the smoke from your outdoor fire is spreading.

Wood smoke contains air toxics and contributes to high levels of fine particulate pollution in Allegheny County. It can aggravate symptoms of asthma and other health concerns. Because they impact our health, outdoor fires are regulated in Allegheny County. This applies to burning of any kind, even recreational fires in a fireplace or fire pit.

ACHD encourages everyone to utilize best burning practices to minimize smoke production from fires, but also asks you to remember that while you can decrease the impact an outdoor fire has on your health and the health of your neighbors, the safest fire for everyone is no fire at all.

Learn more about outdoor fires and the opening burning regulations:https://alleghenycounty.us/Health-Department/Programs/Air-Quality/Open-Burning/Open-Burning-in-Allegheny-County.aspx