The Township of Neville is proposing replacement to a portion of the existing potable water transmission main generally located along Neville Road. Replacement of the existing waterline at this location is proposed as routine maintenance and is consistent with the Township’s goals to maintain continued compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP) drinking water standards.

Water service will be maintained to all customers for the duration of construction however, the quantity of flow available will be reduced and could impact large users.

At this time, work for this project is anticipated to begin within the next thirty (30) days and extend to a duration of approximately sixty (60) days. Notice of the actual start date will be provided following receipt of an approved schedule by the Township. The start date and project updates will be posted at www.nevilletownship.us and available by contacting our office.

As this construction may limit the available flow for large users, arrangements should be made to supplement these flows if necessary. Questions, comments, or concerns must be submitted in writing to jcreese@nevilletownship.us.