Neville Township Celebrates Pa. Local Government Week April 8-14

Pennsylvania Local Government Week is April 8-14, and Neville Township is proud to join communities across the state in recognizing the critical role that local government plays in the lives of our residents and businesses.

In these challenging times, ensuring that our community has access to essential infrastructure is more crucial than ever. From well-maintained roads to reliable water and sewer systems, trash collection, and public safety services, our local government provides the backbone for our daily lives. 

Established to be a direct reflection and representation of the people who live there, townships are places where residents have a voice in what happens and where services provided do not exceed what the community needs or can afford. Our neighbors oversee these efforts, working tirelessly to meet the needs of our fellow residents.

As we celebrate Local Government Week, let us recognize the vital role that townships play in our democratic system. We are on the front lines, serving our community every day, regardless of the challenges we face.