At Neville Township, providing our community with safe, clean, and reliable drinking water is a top priority.  We work daily to comply with all required US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) requirements for water testing and safety.

The EPA and PA DEP recently adopted new regulations to help local communities understand the presence of lead and copper in their drinking water.  Lead and copper are commonly found in drinking water in homes, businesses, or facilities with aging pipes and fixtures.  High levels of lead can be unsafe, especially for children and high-risk individuals.

Neville Township’s public water is already routinely monitored for lead, and we continue to meet all water quality standards.  To date, we have not experienced an exceedance of safe lead levels.

Our next step is to better understand where lead and copper might be in each customer’s private water service lines.  These are the pipes that you own and that connect your home or business to our public water mains. Older interior plumbing fixtures may also contain lead.

Neville Township is required to provide an inventory of private service lines to the PA DEP by October of this year. The inventory will also continue to be updated for all existing and future customers.

We are asking all drinking water customers to complete an online survey about the water service line coming into their home or business.  Customers are encouraged to complete this brief survey using either your smartphone or computer. A QR Code and weblink for the survey is provided below. A paper copy is included in this mailing and can also be obtained at the Municipal Building.

This questionnaire will take less than 5 minutes to complete and requires customers to visually confirm the water service materials inside their home.  The online questionnaire includes helpful photos of different pipe materials to assist the customer in determining what plumbing material is in their home/building. 

For customers that would prefer that the Neville Township’s Staff visit your home and complete the survey, please email Public Works Leader Mark Stewart or call (412) 264-1977 and the Township will contact you to schedule a convenient time to complete this survey.

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Neville Township Water Service Questionnaire