Lycorma delicatula, commonly known as the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF), is a new invasive insect that has spread throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. The SLF presents a significant threat to Pennsylvania agriculture, including the grape, tree-fruit, hardwood and nursery industries, which collectively are worth nearly $18 billion to the state’s economy.

SLF Businesses Permits: To stop the spread of spotted lanternfly (SLF), the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) issued a quarantine for counties where SLF has been confirmed, and requires any businesses and organizations moving within or from the quarantine zone in the course of their work to obtain permits issued by PDA. Both Allegheny and Beaver County are in the quarantine zone and require permits.

You can learn more about the SLF, view photos and find information to obtain a business permit at

Please check out this handy “Residents Check List” for ways to help stop the spread of the SLF: SLF_Checklist_for_Residents.Summer 2020 Newsletter Insert