Neville Green and Neville Township are pleased to announce that Earth Day 2023 was a great success.  Over 166 bags of litter were removed from Neville Township!!!

On Friday, April 21, 2023, teams of volunteers from FedEx and Carmeuse removed trash from Neville Road.  A new milestone was achieved, with over two-thirds of Neville Road cleaned by our corporate partners!  Fed-Ex marked their largest volunteer force yet, with twenty-four employees joining the thirty-four employees of Carmuese to remove over 100 bags of trash along with tires, metal and even a desk.

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, residents, and friends gathered on a rainy, spring morning and cleaned Grand Avenue. 

The event was sponsored by Neville Green and Neville Township, and both organizations extend their sincere appreciation to our 2023 Earth Day participants and sponsors.

Please thank our volunteers who donated their personal time to demonstrate commitment to our community.  Neville Township is now a more positive place to live and work thanks to:

Lynn Belloma * Jim Brown * Cheryl Bundy * Joe Bundy * Tyler Faust * Wyatt Fiedler * Jamie Gunderson * Linda Herbert * Mindy Hufnagle * Jillian Tilko * James Tussey * Glenda Wehrli * Jensen Wehrli  * Harry Youngsworth

Also participating on Saturday:  Neville Green Board Members. Neville Island Volunteer Fire Department, and Todd Phillips, Neville Township Public Works.